I received my order from 4rcustomswire.com today, excited to start rebuilding the harnesses.

stripe-trace 16awg GLX wire

It was after spending (wasting) a Saturday pulling apart an older wiring harness and quite literally trying to make it bend to my will and finally giving up; that I decided to find a better way. The older wiring was usable and gave me a load of stripe-trace options in varying gauges but it was a pain trying to straighten it out, feed it through the braided loom, and having it play nice.  It also gave some context as to why the previous owner of the project taped the ever-living-crap out of the older harness that he worked with.

It’s worth noting that there isn’t much in the way of options in Canada for small orders of 25’ to 50’ of stripe-trace wire.  Marine supply stores carry some varieties of tinned wire but with prices three or four times that south of the border it was still cheaper to order out of the US and get it shipped.

16awg GLX wire

After contacting a number of marine and auto suppliers 4rcustomswire.com ended up being the choice. Competitive on price, responsive on e-mail  (Bob was great),  and shipped the minute I paid I couldn’t really have asked for more. So what I ended up with is 14 x 25’ feet of good 16 gauge GLX wire for a dollar more than the same amount of primary wire from a place like Princess Auto.

Lesson.  If you’re going to be OCD and picky then you can’t be a cheap bastard