Do You Want To Resize With That?

LaFert IEC Premium Motor Ad

Aspect ration (width relative to height) can bit you in the budget for both web ads and print / magazine ads.  At least with the web the standards are a little more concrete, for example, a full skyscraper is always 160 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall and can safely be distribute on any site that allows for it (click here for the common size over at Wiki).  Print, not so much.  A half page ad in one publication isn’t necessarily going to meet the specification of a half page ad in another and a full page ad wont just ‘scale down’ to meet the need.

Though the ad remains much the same, there is the jostling of type and objects to ensure legibility for the reader while keeping the design interesting. So, that has been my last 24 hours.  A resizing of a print advertisement we completed for LaFert North America.  We have another one in the works, but as always, delays delays delays…. not at our end thankfully.

In Other News…

This recent article in Smashing Magazine has me itching to try a tablet as a sketch page.  I do own a Wacom Intuos 3  that sees a fair bit of use.  However as the article states, it does tie me down to the desktop.  The opportunity to have a digital sketch pad at the ready is a bit tempting. The price however.. well, we’ll see…

Friday, March 18th, 2011. Filed under: Print Design