VIPER Lab VoIP Security Poster

Ended up distilling a web page layout into poster form.  VIPER Labs has been busy back in Texas renovating their training space for an upcoming session and posters were needed.   The problem is up-converting the web design elements for print.  Almost all of our concepts and artwork for web site design start their life out as a multi-layer bitmaps specifically prepared for the standard 72dpi you’d expect with screen media.   Suddenly being asked to up-convert a layout to large print can present some challenges and the need to take the artwork into a vector format that allows limitless scaling for print reproduction.

So this is neat…

The Bank of Canada announced last Thursday that new series of bank notes will slowly be introduced over the next couple of years.  The artwork brings the Canadian bank note design yet another step closer to the look of the Euro and other European currencies.  As a creative type I find this fascinating.  Also think I would enjoy the job of being on the team that designs these.  Anyways, there is more over at