Sipera Inc. Isometric Diagram Design

I was reminded yesterday that the finished product doesn’t speak to the process or work involved.  One of our clients asked if I could point them at the isometric feature in Illustrator.  I’ve been working on a rather large print project for them with some tight time constraints when a urgently needed diagram needed converting for a marketing push.

Innocently enough they were under the impression that this was a software feature and not completely custom.  Fair enough, Illustrator comes loaded with tons of features to make a designers life easier but there are still some things that still require manual work and this is one of them.

Despite my occasionally muttering about “how am I going to make this thing into an icon?”, I do enjoy making these.  It’s a step away from the usual web and print design work.

Now where is that “make lunch” button?

In Frustrating News…

We as a country will be going back to the polls.  After about three years the minority parties have had a no confidence vote and parliament will be dissolved (Reuters Article).

As far as I have heard in the news the average person on the street is not thrilled with the idea and some are expressing frustration.  I personally hope that when the dust has settled from this mess that will cost us taxpayers $300 million dollars, that the minority parties that got this ball rolling end up losing seats to the current majority.  It’s not about wanting the current party in power to stay in power, but rather the fact that as a country we were doing okay in a world rocked by natural disaster, economic woes and growing tensions in the Middle East and Africa.

On the flip side the economic prediction is that our dollar should take a slight drop against the USD.  This would continue to make us attractive to our neighbors south of the border as far as contracts are concerned.